Albina Shagimuratova

Albina Shagimuratova

by Robert Levine

Russian soprano Albina Shagimuratova has been winning accolades around the world for singing that combines seemingly effortless virtuosity with dramatic and emotional heft. Robert Levine discovers that behind the soprano’s dazzling success on the international stage lies a story of family upheaval and personal tragedy

A weekend in Linz

by George Jahn

Hackney Empire

Clarie Middleton, chief executive of Hackney Empire, introduces an exciting new era for opera in one of London’s most artistically vibrant and culturally diverse boroughs

Pick and mix

We asked our team of opera correspondents from around the world to give their choice of productions they would not want to miss in the 2016/17 opera season. Here’s what they decided upon, from classic favourites to bold novelties, from the comfortably familiar to the unexpected and the unexplored, encompassing the grandest international houses to modest local initiatives

Action man

by Sarah Murray

As the man in charge of the Metropolitan Peter Gelb has one of the toughest jobs in the business, providing object lessons in crisis management on an almost daily basis. Sarah Murray meets the most powerful man in opera, who still finds his job fun, even while he’s busy averting the latest disaster

Ilona Domnich

For Russian-born Ilona Domnich, singing encompasses everything it means to be human, providing a channel for her emotional, visceral and spiritual needs. She tells Opera Now how her international upbringing and sometimes painful life experiences have shaped her profound artistry


by Michael White

Seeing is believing

Il Trovatore, Verdi

by Ashutosh Khandekar · illustrations: Clive Barda

German director David Bösch has a tendency to overload his productions with ‘meaning’, though you end up leaving the theatre wondering if the barrage of visual prompts have added up to anything in particular. That was certainly the impression left by his new Trovatore, the last production in the ROH’s 2015/16 season

Florencia en el Amazonas, Catán

by Robert Levine · illustrations: Sarah Schatz

It’s good to be able to report that, moving on from its ill-advised Tosca several months ago, the latest installment of New York City Opera’s hoped-for renaissance proved victorious, thanks to some superb music-making and a production that captured much of the score’s magic

The Long March, Yin Qing

by Ken Smith

The Long March, whose 1 July premiere marked the anniversary of the founding of China’s Communist Party, was without question the hottest ticket in Beijing. It was also the biggest – and most political – of the NCPA’s 50 operatic productions to date

Garsington Opera

by Andrew Green

Festival focus

Festival Lyrique d’Aix-en-Provence

by Robert Turnbull

Festival focus

Munich Opera Festival

by Tom Sutcliffe

Festival focus

Cincinnati Opera

by Jason Victor Serinus

Festival focus

Jerusalem Festival

by Amanda Holloway

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