by Dave Combs

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The killer gerbil

When and where did the Killer Gerbil first appear? The first Killer Gerbil made its way in the streets of Singapore in 2002 with means of taking over the world and pushing free art on street level so the young can enjoy and the old can appreciate. The Killer Gerbil then starts to multiply and slowly making its way out of Singapore and beyond.

The power of pink

A tale of Buff Monster proportions.

Meet Michael Slack

You’ll fi nd his beautifully bizarre illustrations in children’s educational games, magazines like Time and Nickelodian, his animations on TV, and his characters playfully haunting the streets of Brooklyn. We asked Michael Slack about his work and it went a little something like this...

Eugene and Louise

Coming from the land where the beat is low and the birds sing a bad tune, Eugene and Louise had no other option than to watch cartoons their whole childhood. While he was living his life by the rules of He-Man and she was picking daisies with Rainbow Brite the Gods had already made other plans for them. For almost a decade now Eugene and Louise are partners in love, art and swing dance streetwalks.

Inspiring Works


When did you begin stickering, and why did you to start? December 2003. Stickers are a good medium for my artwork to be on the street in addition to aerosol. Over here, most powerboxes on the street are dominated by loansharks or small businesses stickers. They’re boring, so me and some friends decorated the power boxes by putting our characters up to make them look better. Only recently they put up some “Post no bills” signs. They noticed something was going on.

Muti Industries

Hailing from a land of glorious natural beauty and wondrous landscapes, Muti Industries gave PEELmagazine a glimpse into South Africa’s thriving urban culture. Here’s what we learned.

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