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Blackbooks stencils

Blackbooks Stencils a.k.a. Masters of the Potty Mouth a.k.a. The Yummy Muffin Makers a.k.a. Some fresh ass cats from Miami with an unmarked outlook on the stencil game. The day of Bristol paper and bulk packs of Exacto Blades has mutated into a new night of hardboard and laser engravers. You can find Dr. Black and Mr. BooksIIII hustling stencil methods out of their trunk with all the enthusiasm of an Emcee pushing a fresh cut in the Bronx during the mid eighties.

The Bird of Conquering Cities

How and when did you get the name The Bird? I gave myself the name “The Bird” when I was 15 but I don’t remember how I came to this name. I guess it was because of one of my characters called “Birdy”. I tagged this name everywhere and so eventually Birdy turned into “The Bird”. I like this name. For me it’s a synonym for freedom.


How and when did you get the name The Bird? I gave myself the name “The Bird” when I was 15 but I don’t remember how I came to this name. I guess it was because of one of my characters called “Birdy”. I tagged this name everywhere and so eventually Birdy turned into “The Bird”. I like this name. For me it’s a synonym for freedom.

Olive47 loves you

How did “prank calls” on early chatrooms lead to your adopting the name olive47? So here is the legend of olive47. In 93 I was living in Savannah, Georgia with 6 guys in a big house next to the park. My housemate’s girlfriend at the time was obsessed with baiting pervs in chatrooms. So he asked me to go in and start messing with her... well, cause I’m kinda good at that stuff. Anyhow, so we kept trying signon names, and they were all taken... so after about 5 tries, olive was a random name I chose.d tacked on the 47, and so it was born. Around the same time, I was having a show of my paintings... I’m a really shy and private person, and putting my real name on the flyers made me feel all sick inside, so I used that instead. I like it because it was completely random, and I’m a bit ADD, so I always have to have tons of different projects going on at once... printmaking, painting, sewing, and jewelry at the time... beyond that, when I do more image based paintings, I always do a set of 3 or 4 abstracts along with it to keep my mind it seemed like a good way to cover all that. A side note: I hattttteeee olives.

Keep a Breast

The Keep A Breast Foundation is a unique non-profit organization creating plaster forms of the female torso, customized by fine artists and auctioned to raise funding for breast cancer. Their mission is to produce art events that increase breast cancer awareness among young people and benefit breast cancer education, prevention and treatment programs in communities around the world.

Check your self

Every two minutes a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer. One in 33 will die. These frightening statistics motivated me as a woman and mother to start the CHECK YOUR SELF campaign to encourage women, especially young women, to do Breast Safety Exams. I knew the campaign resonated when a random (male) stranger who just happened to walk by said, “I think that’s really great,” without even stopping as he passed.

When pigs fly

by Jo Bernard

When pigs fly. . . . “That’ll happen” when pigs fly. “You’ll accomplish that crazy idea of yours” when pigs fly. So does this mean that since pigs can’t and don’t fly, “that” won’t happen? Does this mean that my crazy idea can’t and won’t be accomplished? Where is the “what if”...? What if pigs could fly? What if I found the courage to make that crazy idea happen? What if I could accomplish what I set out to do? What if I found a way to make pigs fly?

Spacecraft bringing the magic of the mountains down

Seattle based Spacecraft is a sticker design juggernaut. Pumping out up more than 150 different sticker designs a year, they are pushing their art through the sticker medium. Co-owner, art director, and sticker creator Stefan Hofmann is constantly creating new designs and experimental sticker creations.

Criminally cute confidential

"I don't want to feel limited... Street Art is whatever I make it."

Hollywood’s most frightening monster

The Guerrilla Girls and grassroots collective Movies by Women tackled this mostrous beast with a recent billboard and sticker campaign. They took Kong, gave him a sex change and a designer gown, and set her up in Hollywood, just a few blocks from where the Oscars were awarded March 5, 2006.

Spray graphic thought provoking style

Spraygraphic Apparel is a clothing company that recognizes the potential power a T-shirt has to communicate artistic, social, cultural, and political ideas to others. They are creating a clothing line that creates what they call a Thought Provoking StyleTM for everyone to wear and enjoy. Spraygraphic Apparel’s owners Matt Krise and Chuck b. sincerely believe, “The clothes we wear have the power to speak to others about how we feel, what we think, and what we would like others to think about.” Their approach to fashion and street wear is a refreshing break from the logocentric and gear advertisement oriented clothing. Spraygraphic Apparel emphasizes the design first and foremost along with a social/political commentary that they print inside of their T-shirts as part of their tag, and then the Spraygraphic logo is located on the upper back shoulder because they hope that their designs will “turn heads”.

Territorial Pissing - Male dominance in Streetart

Somehow I got myself into and my big mouth...just one little comment about how there was an overwhelming abundance of guys at this art show I attended. So, holly asks me to put together an article about the domination of men in the street art scene; why are there so many more males than females getting up?

The Pinknun, champion of chastity

The pink nun, “Defender of Purity” is a performance character that encourages the ideas of self respect and self control. Th is includes the ideas that Women are not sex objects, shouldn’t be treated or act as such and that choosing to wait for sexual intimacy until after marriage is the best way to safeguard yourself. She approaches activism on several diff erent fronts, including purity products, street postcards, stickers, stencils, etc, a website, and interviewing people on the street. For her, street art is a way of approaching and subverting the oversexed, objectifying advertising and negative messages and stereotypes in the media that according to her do not respect women and men.


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