Ladies just want to have fun

Ladies just want to have fun

by Jessica Michault

- Diamond Earrings - Shoes - Coral earrings - Valentino - Hangers - Chanel - Christian Dior - Balenciaga - Burberry - Jason Wu - Tory Burch - Sarah Burton

Sartorial Sovereigns

by Alice Pfeiffer

A few years ago, underage bloggers were all the rage. But today's new darlings have more experience, and more stamps in their passport.

New clock on the block

In this issue, Please! opts for a "more is more" philosophy. dare to wear the outsized earats, pastel tones and oceans of diamonds that adorn these watches. It's time to awaken the bling lover in you !


by Olivia da Costa · illustrations: Olivia da Costa

Jeanne Toussaint : a destiny written in gold

by Julie André

Toussaint's fierce independence - and her fondness for the animal -earned her the nickname "The Panther". Who would have thought that one day she would become the creative force behind one of Paris's biggest luxury houses ? But she and Cartier were destined for one another.

Head over heels

by Olivia da Costa · illustrations: Olivia da Costa

Prints charming

by Alice Pfeiffer

A fresh crop of prints have blossomed on the catwalks : surrealist flowers, exotic animals, strange fruits ans little men from land far, far away. These images form a colorful narrative that runs through a collection like a golden thread. What are the reasons for this newfound interest ?

Advanced fashionistas

by Alice Pfeiffer

This fashionista sports, oversized glasses, a large fur coat, boyish cropped hair, bright red lipstick and nails to match. Tavi Gevinson, the underage blogger ? Try again.

Dancing through the jazz age

by Elisabetha Tudor

When they weren't writing, they painted. When they weren't drinking, they smoked. When they weren't sleeping, they danced. In their interwar period, Paris was the world capital of the fast life. Out of its energy and excess emerged a new breed of woman, liberated by a war between men, and free to unleash her sexuality.

Rebecca forever

by Alice Pfeiffer

From the streets of Abidjan to the runways of Yves Saint Laurent.


by Wendelin Spiess

It’s raining outside

by Stefania Paparelli

The day after

by Silja Magg

Playground raver

illustrations: Bella Howard

Passage d’enfer

illustrations: Alessio Bolzoni

White spirit

by Nik Hartley

Welcome to paradise

illustrations: Richard Bernardin