The imagination issue


by Krishan Coupland · illustrations: Senor Salme

Gravity started reversing. It happened slowly, in increments day by day. At first you’d hang for just a second longer than usual at the apex of a jump. Feathers and dust and the broken nibs of pencils refused point-blank to fall. Water wobbled slowly from the tap like golden syrup. I thought it was fun when I found that I could jump from the top of the stairs and drift gently down through the air like a seed

The Twain

by Fabian Acker · illustrations: Ann-Christine Voss

Short story

Steak and mushroom pie

by Andy Hickmott · illustrations: Ryan Inanza


How to be a writer

by Kirsty Logan

Short story

A family visit

by Charlotte Wetton · illustrations: Laura Riedinger


Kaleidoscope room

by Jessica Edwards · illustrations: Chris Rixon


Where the ice sinks

by Lynn Hoffman · illustrations: Sandra Dieckmann

There is a world that thrives a half an inch above and five seconds behind the one we know.

The ingenium

by Kirstie Smith · illustrations: Michael Hirshon

Short story

Baby names

by Benjamin Zadik · illustrations: Phil Wrigglesworth

Flash fiction

The White room

by Michael Hitchins · illustrations: Adam Batchelor

Short story

Schrödinger’s wine

by Armel Dagorn · illustrations: Daniel Mitchell

Flash fiction


by Maria Apichella · illustrations: Rosie Gainsborough