The wonderful world of ITV ! (ADVT)

Join us, Brother

by William Davis

BOTH were right, of course. Protest is essential. But it's also a bit of a sport: it's easier, and more fun, to be against absolutely everything.

Modern Times

illustrations: Trog

Hurricane Lew

by Barry Took

BARRY TOOK reports to the hub of showbizland in a bid to discover if there's life in Mr. Big, the man who has to keep moving if the market's to stay where it is Hurricane Lew

The Subtle Secrets of Instant Creamy Trash


Author STANLEY REYNOLDS finally buttonholes Ken Shower, the power behind the commercial breaks

How they turned a likeable lad into Mr. Personality

by Keith Waterhouse

The fabulous Jack Flash talks to KEITH WATERHOUSE

Everyone Knows de Trouble I Seen

by Alan Coren

Ls nothing, asks ALAN COREN, secret?

All for none, and none for all

by Mahood

MAH OOD looks at how the Irish will manage without the border when they eventually get a United lreland

Metaphysician, Heal Thyself !

by Alan Brien

Arriving unexpectedly in the Bahamas on Christmas Eve some years ago, transmigrated thither by the sudden whim of an editor, 1 was standing alone on the fringe of the airport, cupped in the sultry odoriferous, giant armpit of the night, and thinking- nobody but me knows where l am at this moment. A shadow detached itself from under a palm tree. " Hello, Alan," it said.


Germany Calling !


by Murray Ball

Continuing the adventures of the Great Palaeolithic Hero