Fleet Street under fire

Good Press Guide

by Robert Morley's

In compiling the Good Press Guide, the Editor has been conscious of the diffi.culties which confront the staffs of many of these establishments. They have to contend on the one hand with the demands of their customers, and on the other the taste, and often the lack of it, of the proprietor. Moreover, many of the latter are men of considerable wealth and self importance, and insist on taking a hand in trying to shape the menu and the customer. In recent years there has been a disquieting increase in the dominance of the trade. Prices remain absurdly high and value increasingly scarce. This having been said, however, Britain still possesses the second best Press in the world.

The Year of the Tree

Graham celebrates the announcement of a nationwide campaign in 1973 for the care and protection of trees

Sunday, Bloody Sunday?

by Stanley Reynolds

Stanley Reynolds jumps in at le weekend

Brittany : a family playground

Brittany's coastline is_France's most varied and colour- ful. The sweeping sands of the family playground of La Baule. The sheltered bays of the Emerald Coast, with elegant Dinard at its heart. And the romantic capes and caves of the Côtes d'Armor. Tiny fishing vil- lages in the warm caress of the Gulf Stream. And inland. towns full of medieval charm. Brittany's climate is mild and the ocean air invigorating. You'll find beach clubs for the children. water sports in plenty and a varied night life. Enjoy the casino, clubs and discotheques of La Baule. Or the unique Breton crêperies (pancake bars) of the quiet inland towns and sea food restaur- ants of the Côte d'Amour. Brittany is so near. Ideal for the family. cspecially in June and September when comfortable hotels offer low season rates. Brittany is just 85 minutes away by Rousseau Aviation, France's International Airline. Oaily from April lst. Rous- seau fly Gatwick - Dinard and Nantes eàch way. except Saturdays (to Gatwick only) and Sundays (from Gatwick only).

Red, White or Black?

Red wine, as any wine snob will be only too pleased to tell you, should be drunk with meat, white wine with fish. Which is a very useful piece of information if you happen to be entertaining a group of wine snobs who are ail eating the same thing. But what do you do if you're wining and dining a party of friends, one third of which insist on ordering Filet Mignon, one third Sole Dieppoise and one-third Curried Prawns? We venture to suggest a simple guide:

Take Me to your Union Leader

by Alan Brien

Alan Brien goes in search of the mythical monster that blackmai ls governments and holds the country to ransom

Great Adventures

Safely across the Pacific, what is there left stilI at least ten expeditions unaccounted for

Adam and Eve managed OK

by Basil Boothroyd

Ln this frank and uninhibited article, Basil Boothroyd creates a publishing landmark by offering no advice about sex whatsoever