The good life

Look After the Pounds

par William Davis

It's a bit like watching Hamlet: the cast is new, but the play is familiar. Take your seats, ladies and gentlemen, for the latest revival of that great British drama, The Sterling Crisis.

The Good Life

Out from behind a Coke dispenser with four suitcases and hopped in. She hopped out again six hundred miles further on, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but not before she had converted me to Jansenism and taught me thirty-nine words of colloquial Pawnee.

... And now the bad life

par Alan Brien

A boy, 1 had only a fantasy picture of the Good Life, a litany of brandnames, a rosary of pulp-magazine props, largely culled from Edgar Wallace paperbacks, front covers of the Hotspur, Hollywood melodramas and Saturday afternoon radio serials.


par Murray Ball · visuels: Lol

Continuing the adventures of the Great Palaeolithic Hero

Cakes and Ale

par R. G. G. Price

R. G. G. Price examines the Punch approach to high living

Lt is Better to Travel First Class than to Arrive ...

par Lord Mancroft

LORD MANCROFT votes for luxury

Not the Only Pebble on the Beach

par Vincent Mulchrone

VINCENT MULCHRONE v. the Madding Crowd

Make a way for the group !

par E. S. Turner

E. S. TURNER does so, grumbling like crazy.

Passing Through

par David Taylor

AVERY BRUNDAGE talks to David Taylor

Theatre by Jeremy Kingston

par Jeremy Kingston

BACK IN 1962 Clifford Williams directed The Comedy of Errors to fill a gap caused by the postponement of Peter Brook's King Lear. It became a hit, toured the world, amazed Izvestia, delighted the Queen and popped successfully back into the repertoire in 1963, 1964 and 1965.