How to find a Scottish ancestor

How to find a Scottish ancestor

by E. S. Turner

THE first question to ask yourself is: Are you real/y sure you want to trace your Scottish ancestry ? Are you ready for shocks?

Scotland for the Scots

Scotland for the Scots is all very well ; but when they get Home Rule and the return of millions of anglicized Scotsmen, how will they cope?

Grand Tour of the Greater Scottish Delusions

by Patrick Ryan

In which PATRICK RYAN takes a swift Baedeker around the jungles of the Celtic id

Will Ye No Come Hame Again ?

To be honest...

First of a new series in which a team of hand-picked cynics suggests that Honesty ls The Best Policy is the biggest lie of all

A Few Well-Chosen Words

by Alan Brien

While Esperantists search for new ruderies, ALAN BRIEN fills in a few blanks

The body as medium of expression

Has talking with words made us forget how to talk with our body movements? asks the ICA in its current show. Nonsense! Here's how we doit...