We don’t want to lose you, but...

From Here to Eternity

by Mahood

Getting the sack is bad enough, but filling the time while finding a new job can be even worse

We Don’t Want To Lose You, But We Think You Ought To Go...

by Keith Waterhouse

Case No. 107/4/J(b)from the KEITH WATERHOUSE files

For What We Are About To Receive, May The Lord Make Us Truly Thankful

by David Williams

Punch's Nine-Point Guide to Retirement

Fiddling While the Judge Burns

by Alan Brien

Alan Brien suggests that one man's perk is another man's privilege

If Britain had fallen...

...but why is it always the Nazis who raise the most excited speculations on the part of historians and tellypundits? What about ail those other threats that have dotted our past?

To be honest...

by André Previn

Second of our series in which a team of hand-picked cynics suggests that Honesty ls The Best Policy is the biggest lie of all

Introducing Expertology

Miles Kington explains the principles behind a brand-new science

The Wonderful World of Publishing

by Frank Doughty

"ln this uninhibited, attacking yet always fair piece, author FRANK DOUGHTY strips the veil of secrecy from the monsters of publishing and puts an unerring finger on their weaknesses. lt is bound to cause controversy, argument, even bitterness, yet we believe we are right to publish it at this time."