Britain’s pressure groups

Let Me Through ! l’m a Pressure Group !

by Sally Vincent

In our buildings were twelve blocks, each stone of stair, tiled of wall and defective of landing lights ; each graced by the sarne stroke of ftarnboyance in that a tile trirn had been introduced, employing the use of three distinctive colours; blue, green and brown. Thus, four blocks had the blue trirn, four green and four brown. If you lived in a green block you would have a natural affinity for those who also lived in a green block.

Help Save Pressure Groups!

Just five of the causes that need your support ...

Nothing Succeeds Like Excess

Mahood does afollow-up on those three and a hait million credit cards 'Access' generously put through your letter-box last week

How Differently Do They Order These Things in France...?

by Alan Brien

Dr Pierre Simon's promised Kinsey-type Guide to French Sexual Behaviour, forecasts Alan Brien, will be codified something like this

Versatility at the top

The Sunday Express reports that Tory backbenchers want the Prime Minister to appear on TV more often and to make more "general-interest" speeches. R. G. G. PRICE is sure that their wishes will be met

A Walk on the Short Side

by Alan Coren

Afflicted caps are big box-office. As the crippled lronside wheels himself off-screen after six record-breaking years, blind Longstreet taps on to take his place in fifty million homes on bath sides of the Atlantic. And when he goes ... ?

Dear Mum, We’ll Beat Old Adolf Yet

They're still finding Japanese soldiers of World War Two holding out in the Pacifie. But have all British soldiers of those days given themselves up? E. S. TURNER is privileged to reproduce an astonishing human document.

The Golfather

by Chris Plumridge

Is the opening of betting shops at golf toumaments just the tip of the iceberg? Chris Plumridge breaks the vow of silence ...

While Shepherd’s Bush Watched

by Mark Revelle

A shop window for the words of Mark Revelle