Will there be a 1976 ?

Not with a Bang but a Whimper

by Mahood

The decline and fall of the middle class in '76 is something they won't take lying down-instead they will sit around whining about it. Mahood records their last words

Showguide ’76

An advance warning of what the New Year may bring in the wonderful world of economic entertainment

Goodbye Sid Bidwell, Hello Dickson Mabon

by Peter Paterson

Peter Paterson looks at Government '76

TUC Conference ’76

by Alan Hackney

Alan Hackney eavesdrops on the opening speech

That Was the Year That Was

by Vincent Mulchrone

Yes, but was there a 1975? lt wasn't until mid-December that l became one of those 40 or so sleepless people who listened to a late night Sunday broadcast reminding us that 1975 had been European Architectural Heritage Year. And there was me thinking it was Plant-a-Tree Year. No wonder the damn thing died. The tree, that is.

Come Up and See my Hotel Keys Sometime

by Cardew Robinson

I think it is fair to say that 1have one of the finest collections of hotel keys in the country. Small wonder when you realise that I have been collecting for over twenty years, and that Show Business has taken me to hotels ail over the world. It began in quite a modest way. ln fact the first time 1took a hotel key away (from a Trust House in Norwich) it gave me a nasty shock . lt was also incidentally the first time I had ever stayed at a hotel. Before then it had been "pro" digs which either possessed no more than one key, or if they did, also possessed landladies who were disinclined to trust me with it. How wise they were.