“Not another ant’s nest?”

A little leaning

by Alan Coren

"The pub should become a major centre of further education, TUC chief Len Murray told an Open University conference yesterday. Education should begin where people gathered together."

Auntie of Parliaments

by Basil Boothroyd

Westminster' good men and true, or good men and few, if recently-leaked attendance figures are accepted, have managed, between bank holidays, recesses and other obstacles to the benevolent running of the nation, to get through its third reading of Mr Neville Trotter's Consumer Safety Bill.

There’s no sweatshop like home

by Mahood

MAHOOD gives a little publicity to Britain's hidden workforce-- people who like himself do piece- work at home.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Mozart

by Ralph Schoenstein

The trend towards total frankness in biography, which lately has given us wart-filled looks at Cole Porter, Viveien Leigh, and Montgomery Clift, has now reached its awesome apogee with Mozart: Genius or Fake? by Dr G. Max Fedderman (63 pages, One Day Press, with an introduction by Yoko Ono). The book is much more than just an expansion of Dr Fedderman's landmark story for Punch, " Mozart: the First Salzburg Marionette"

China drops British-made clanger on Moscow!

by Bernard Douglas-Home

Contigency plans for Angela Bosanquetovich, the black- hatted Pravda newscaster swapped for Anna Ford in Berlin yesterday, to interrupt tonight's advertised programmes and announce World War III have been laid in Whitehall following China's shock announcement that it is to import the British Leyland SNARK ground-to-air grenade, capable of "jumping" from Shanghai to Vladivostock in ail weathers.


by Paul Jennings

God knows the job advertisement pages in national papcrs arc mysterious enough as it is, without being allowed to have offshoots, like this one displayed on the back page of The Times right above the crossword among the deaths and the mule-trekking holidays in the Carpathians.

Tales of love and God

by Barry Took

Gene Wilder is a clever man. He can act, direct, write and produce, and he writes songs too. He displays ail these attributes in his latest film The World's Greatest Lover (A, Scene 3 Leicester Square, Studio One Oxford Circus, Odeon Kensington, and The Screen On lslington Green) . What Mr Wilder does, however, by splitting himself up into so many pieces (apart from making a great deal of money) is to diffuse his talent to the detriment of his film.

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