That’s odd

The greatest story ever told

par David Taylor · visuels: David Taylor

Hollywood producer Buck Blacock has just obtained the film rights to the Guinness Book of Records.


par Roger Woddis

Webster is much possessed by race And cannot see beyond his skin, Yet he would rather muse than march, And joke than put the jackboot in...

Not Working for The Times

par Tony Samstag · visuels: Noel Ford

No nightingale sings in New Printing House Square; but occasionally the phone rings and it's one of the Top People wanting to know what I've bcen doing with ail this marvellous free rime. Not an awful lot, actually.

On the house

par Simon Hoggart

Is sir Keith Joseph showing the strain too much? Is he going over the top? There are plenty of Conservative MPs who think that the Industry Secretary might not last the course.


par George Melly

Continuing the series of Round the World Gigs

Brief encounters : Just Williamson

par David Taylor · visuels: Trog

With a reputation for great acting and a great temper, NICOL WILLIAMSON takes time off from filming to talk to DAVID TAYLOR.

True to Type

par Jonathan Sale

It should be good news, if only to the man programming the typewriter which brings you these sentences, that "Word Processing" is worth £30 million a year.

Loss of eden

par David Williams

Mr Wootton's fiery face appeared momentarily round the corner of the organ to scowl at him. "Pump," he hissed.

Comin’ for to carry me Home

par Basil Boothroyd · visuels: Hawken

I don't like sitting here outside the airport Ladies, it isn' t me. Given a choice l 'd rather sit outside the Gents, though that wouldn't be favourite, either. But choices are few.

Western Slopes

par Cyril Ray

Time will tell," Eric de Rothschild is reported to have said when a California cabernet sauvignon came second only to Pétrus at a blind tasting by French experts, ahead of his own Lafite and the other first growths, as well as of Cheval Blanc and Ausone.