“Memo to all departments”

Identical Kit

by Roger Woddis

New Home Office regulations may prevent prisoners from wearing their own shoes and underwear.

Space Tolet

The Americans are offering British industry a chance to put research and manufacturing projects into their spacelab. MAHOOD observes from his NASA orbiter.


by Alexander Frater

East Germany plans to expand its already considerable influence in Africa, where its Communist "Afrika Korps" is steadily replacing Cubans who have offended African susceptibilities. The East Germans sent to Africa are ail picked men, psychologically trained not to offend Africans.

On the house

by Simon Hoggart

The nights are drawing in, the chill winds of summer are beginning to soften, and at Westminster what are laughingly called the corridors of power are beginning to fill once more with the sussurus of MPs discussing ways of avoiding their party conferences.

Transatlantic Cables

by Anthony Holden

I have just had the ultimate American experience. I was waiting for it to happen somewhere, some day, but I never really believed it would.

Good men and true-ish

by R.G.G Price

Now that bath the Crown and the Defence can vet jurors, there are going to be some conflicting reports landing on solicitors' desks.

Any Other Income? Yes and No...

by Lor Chalfont

Mrs Thatcher has a good chance of surviving a confrontation with the Trade Unions or even the failure of the summit conference on what is now described, like Evert-Lloyd and GoolagongCawley, as Zimbabwe-Rhodesia.

Lucky Broackes

by Brief Encounters

He' scarcely any longer a kid, nor would he deem it seemly to whiz. The 1960s archetype of young, eagerbeaver big dealing and commercial whiz-kiddery is now 45, plutocratic as Croesus (Holdings) Inc., and goes about his vast, matured businesses with ail the measured

Compare our prices

by William Davis

Tax payers will soon be getting a handsome rebate, reflecting the budget cuts, and the people whose business it is to make us spend our money are as happy about it as we are.

The midget’s C

by Jon Strickland

"All the way, please." Taplow & Tor Inc. pulled at his shirt-cuffs. The elevator-boy looked disbelieving. "You mean ... ?" "Ali the way." Taplow & Tor Inc. adjusted the knot in his tie. "Thirty-second?" asked the boy hopefully.