Why is there always one piece missing ?

Rates for the job

by Alan Coren

Hot head throbbing inside his new hat, Mr Arthur Dork groped his uncertain way across the vast foyer of the Town Hall, lurching from pillar to marble pillar

Big bang theory

Lt has now been revealed that many people knew of the thermonuclear alert on November 9, as it happened! And here is what some of them did during what they firmly believed to be their last six minutes on earth.

Eire on a G-String

by Paul Jennings

PAUL JENNINGS and HEATH celebrate the Wexford Festival

A mailer shade of pale

by David Taylor

As he publishes a controversial study of the life, love and death of a psychotic killer, New York literary-and social-heavyweight NORMAN MAILER talks to DAVID TAYLOR.

Charms and the man

by Jonathan Sale

Without being to the manners born, I have a dim ancestral memory that when the children start their tea by saying "Yuk" and emptying their plates ail over the ftoor, something is not as it should be. Lacking any dim ancestors to advise me on how to ensure that one ain't misbehavin', I turned at once to Rosalind van der Velde-Oliver.

In an ideal world...

by Katharine Whitehorn

This week KATHARINE WHITEHORN dreams of Ideal Education