“He was one of pant’s great”

Tall Order

by Keith Waterhouse

Colonel Richard Seifert, the controversial architect of Centre Point, has drawn up plans for the world's tallest building- on Merseyside. The Liverpool Tower, as it is called, would stand one-third of a mile high.

My Average Lady

by Paul Jennings

Not being among the millions who looked eagerly for the traditional retelling of the heart-warming old Christmas tales in such films as The Seing and Where Eagles Dare, I saw only two holiday programmes that could be described as jolly. One, of course, was Charley's Aune and the other, even more of course, was My Fair Lady; and being as enchanted as ever by the latter I wondered yet again why this and The Boy Friend remain the only two musicals, compact of joy, style and, above ail, life, that I would go anywhere to see, done by anyone- s a ilors, nuns, amateurs, convicts or (in the case of The Boy Friend) about 60 children at the school on an enormous American air base, and very good they were too.

Bush Telegraph

by Alexander Frater

ALEXANDER FRATER's cousin Norman files his third report from Somewhere in the Third World

Rotten for Some

by Basil Boothroyd

"A man acquitted of shoplifting," I learn from a usually reliable source, "was arrested on leaving the court and charged with stealing a juror's overcoat."

Il the Phrase Fits

by Kenneth Robinson

Plant Talk

by Richard Beioley

A beautiful June day. The white puffs of cloud punctuating the blue back- drop, gently shuffied by the whims of a capricious summer breeze. A day for lounging around in back-yards. An afternoon to be punctuated only by the chink of ice-cubes settling comfortably in frosted glasses, the twang of tennis balls bouncing off tightly-strung gut, and the overpowering scent · of English garden flowers.

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