Number 7287

In a little Spanish town

by Alan Coren

Although the ETA threat must not be minimised, it is our experience that the British holidaymaker in particular takes such things very stoically. And, of course, our hoteliers are going out of their way to reassure guests by every possible means. Most people will notice nothing out of the ordinary at all."

The privilege is theirs

by E.S. Turner

The case of Mr Jeff Rooker MP and his bribery allegation has made MPs unusually sensitive about their privileges, as these unauthorised reports from Westminster-forwarded by E. S. TURNER-reveal.

Sinbad the Sailor

by Keith Waterhouse

The leader leaves a note

by Basil Boothroyd

Just a quick scribble, darling, on the back of this Venice agenda, as I was home so late last night (hope I didn't disturb you, I seemed to be bobbing in gondolas ail night! ) and this morning I have to rush off as usual before you are up.

Rune Awakening

by Paul Jennnings

Now that the Druids have so openly their presence with the "strike" of the "!aggers" on the Isle of Grain I can see no earthly reason why we shouldn't talk about it openly. Everyone who has studied the subject knows, for instance, of the Nine Mystic Isles in the Thames estuary-some permanently and naturally there and visible, like the Isle of Grain and the Isle of Dogs, the others half natural and half man-made, appearing and disappearing in history like the Druids themselves; the Isle of Wine, the Isle of Fire and Light, the Isle of Blossom, the Isle of Tyrian Purple, the Isle of Youth, the Isle of Sandalwood, the Isle of Gold, mysteriously aligned with Stonehenge, Glastonbury, the Great Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, Mexico, and the famous Ayers Rock in the Australian desert.

Ideal Holmes

by Jonathan Sale

The first letter to The Times came from Dr Watson. He was, he wrote, sorry that St Marylebone Council had decided not to put on a Sherlock Holmes exhibition. Could members not think again? It would make a worthy contribution to the Festival (of Britain, this being 1951, or Anno Holmes 97). Mycroft Holmes sent in a letter of support, as did Inspector Lestrade of the Yard. There was even a Dear Sir from a Mrs Hudson of Baker Street. St Marylebone Council crumbled. The exhibition was seen by over 50,000 people.

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