Giant business extra

Fast Buckley

by William F. Buckley, Jr.


Candid camera

by Mahood

The sunday Times has been printing some of Denis Healey's photographs. Mahood selects a few that they didn't print.

Not drowning but waving

by Basil Boothroyd

The Old Vic sellout following press attacks on the O'Toole-Forbes Macbeth (writes our Culture Correspondent) is only one straw in the wind of change blowing through public taste today.

Sinning in the Rain

A vintage movie musical to star Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly and Sid Charisseas three sailors on the town ...

Knocked down at Sotheby’s

by Miles Kington

Hardy Annuals

by Jonathan Sale

Forget about Hansard. Switch off Yesterday in Parliament. If money makes the world wobble round, then the productions to get your hands on are those that corne directly from the keepers of the purse-strings: company reports. Did Moses mess around with The Promised Land Advertiser or Israelice Gazecce? No, he went up the mountain to his own Chairman for his own copy of the tablets.

A lot of Hot Air

by Paul Jennings

If the Government really wants to make a move which simultaneously cuts public spending and helps a labour-intensive industry it is high lime it published the Electric Hand Drier (Restraint) and Towel Industry (Minimum Quota) Order.