Rőczei György

illustrations: Rőczei György

Andrés Tuberquia Guzmán

illustrations: Andrés Tuberquia Guzmán

Ann Morgan

illustrations: Ann Morgan

Cyntiamilli Santillan

illustrations: Cyntiamilli Santillan

Esteban Medina Hurtado

illustrations: Esteban Medina Hurtado

Giovanni Tagliavini

illustrations: Giovanni Tagliavini

Ismael Esteban Tapia Toro

illustrations: Ismael Esteban Tapia Toro

Jicking “Toonjick” Bebiro

illustrations: Jicking “Toonjick” Bebiro

Joffre Ernesto Bazán Mera

illustrations: Joffre Ernesto Bazán Mera

Mercedeh Mirshamsi

illustrations: Mercedeh Mirshamsi

MtP from Exploding Art

illustrations: MtP from Exploding Art


by Lana Mina Popovic · illustrations: Ian-Duncan Ball

The “Matreya” costume constructed as part of the industrial design masters thesis at Pratt Institute in NY features reflective prismatic cells connected together to form the focal point of the wearable design. Their majestic and opulent visual quality is rendered by the light bouncing within and throughout each cell individually, as well as consistently when viewed as a whole.