Numéro 45

Giovanni Tagliavini

illustrations: Giovanni Tagliavini


Andre Govia

by Andre Govia · illustrations: Andre Govia

I started Urban exploring in 1999 before being interested in taking photographs. I found a camera and I started to look , explore and then I saw an additional challenge to document my visits in photos and videos.

Miss Lunatic

illustrations: Miss Lunatic

Into the wild

illustrations: Cath Hermans

By Cath Hermans

Garden Gate

illustrations: Aisha Campfens

By Aisha Campfens

Cold Cerise

illustrations: Raisa Karsodimedjo

By Raisa Karsodimedjo

Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck (born 1958) is an Australian hyperrealist sculptor working in Great Britain.

Pere Ibañez

illustrations: Pere Ibañez

From Barcelona, Spain, Pere Ibañez a powerful artist who is earning international recognition. With a background in filmmaking, Ibañez adapts the intense and dramatic styles of horror movies into his graphic, emotionally-charged photographs. However, behind the shocking images is a nuanced understanding of human nature, its weaknesses, and its resilience. The drama of real life is often private and understated. Ibañez’s photos exaggerate the scenes he captures to show the true depth and tragedy of their impact.