Virgil Abloh

Time for tea

visuels: Attila Hartwig

Each district in Berlin has its o wn distinct style code. Photographer Attila Hartwig imagines how three of the city’s most fashionable residents would take their tea, starring KPM BERLIN Porcelain

Developing talent

German photographic company Whitewall are encouraging the next generation of photographers through their ambassador programme

Celia Hempton

par Francesco Dama

Artist Celia Hempton is subverting the male gaze by painting nudes of dudes she meets online.

Messages & mediums

par Rachael Vance · visuels: Maria Fernanda Molins

As a major review of her work in Mexico gets underway, british artist Tacita Dean talks lasers, the transience of everyday life and why film is the perfect vehicle for her ideas.

Gallery Gallivant

Navigating through London in a deluxe Bentley, company director Stefan Sielaff discovers the city’s leading art centres

Crystal Cut

par Ira Solomatina

Nadja Swarovski explains why fashion is so important to her company

Less than zero

visuels: Romeo Pokomasse

Sleek asked online design hub Love Aesthetics to put its minimalist spin on Zign Studio's stylish shoes.

Virgil Abloh

par Jamie Millar · visuels: Vicky Grout

Virgil Abloh's meeting is running over by 20 minutes. Sleek predicted this might happen, so instead we pin him down in the Uber en route to tonight's event : a launch party for an exclusive collection of Abloh's Fashion brand off-white.

Mint Condition

par Nathalie Rigg · visuels: Chris Schoonover

After forty years in the business, photographer and artist Marilyn Minter still has the power to provoke and perplex

Palace politics

par Francesca Gavin · visuels: Dan Wilton

For his first UK retrospective, rebellious Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto is getting the royal treatment at Blenheim Palace.

Liquid homes

par Jeppe Ugelvig

Long used as a site for social critique, SLEEK examines how young artists are reshaping ideas of the home in the age of Airbnb.

The last resort

par Åyr · visuels: Marc Asekhame

London-based art collective Åyr report back from their residency reconnaissance trip to the crumbling nouveau riche ski retreat of Gstaad in Switzerland.

Berlin calling

par Gloria Cardona · visuels: Timothy Schaumburg

Germany's capital continues to forge a fashionable future, with many of the industry's brightest talents calling the city home.

On the margins

visuels: Laura Coulson

Stylist Tess Yopp returns to her childhood home to capture impressions of Russian youth with photographer Laura Coulson

The Watch List

visuels: Fabian Frinzel

Pairing classic Timepieces with this season’s most stylish bags