Juergen Teller

Elisabeth Sutherland

par Will Furtado

A Ghanaian performance artist using technology to create feminist folklore

John Booth

par Osman Ahmed

From ceramic figures with cartoon penises to designs for Fendi

Peet Dullaert

par Gloria Cardona

The Dutch designer bringing tailoring back into fashion

This Is How We Do It

par Gloria Cardona

As streetwear hits the runways of of Paris and Milan, original pioneers Carhartt WIP are back with a book documenting the style’s roots

Hello To Berlin

par Sabrina Theissen

Home to local and international talent, Berlin’s art scene posseses its own sense of freedom, one impossible to find elsewhere. SLEEK asked five artists, curators and gallerists about their work, the German capital and fashion. To make things fun, they tried on Giorgio Armani’s SS17 suit collection.

Juergen Teller

par Jeni Fulton

SLEEK speaks to the photographer about frogs, plates and what’s wrong with contemporary photography

Still loving Dick

par Jeni Fulton · visuels: Christian Werner

In 1997, Chris Kraus published an under the radar novel, I Love Dick. 20 years later, the mainstream caught on. SLEEK speaks to her about feminism, failure and fame

Follow Me Down

par Rachael Vance

Laure Prouvost’s world is a wonderland of fantastic grandparents, ego museums and translated emotions

Sara Cwynar

par Natalie Rigg

American multimedia artist Sara Cwynar questions the relationship between the real, the represented and notions of beauty

Rebellious concepts

par Francesca Gavin

Together in Electric Dreams

par Ira Solomatina · visuels: Michal Cajzer

An app allowing users to envisage new outfit combinations using VR is helping to bridge the gap between fashion and technology, courtesy of Deutsche Telekom’s award show

Seaboard Rise

par Francois Visser

SLEEK escaped the winter blues with a visit to Cape Town’s buzzing art galleries and took a spin in Porsche’s latest model

High on the Hygge

Samsøe & Samsøe is the Nordic brand bringing Scandinavian style to Berlin

Recurring Grandeur

par Crista Leonard · visuels: Rebecca Martin

Rosenthal’s new range of ceramic home furnishings offer Seventies style with contemporary luxury.

A Cut Above

par Gloria Cardona

SLEEK travels to Japan to talk to Masaaki Matsubara, Director of Denim Innovation Centre, about Uniqlo’s secrets of success