Comme des Garçons

Palomo Spain

by Violet Conroy

A Spanish menswear label blending tradition with flamboyance

Lin Ke

by Donna Schons

The Chinese artist using his MacBook screen to probe the depths of the modern technological condition

Rachel MacLean

by Will Furtado

The Scottish video artist unites political disasters, Pinocchio, perception and performance

The Art of Dries

by Jessica Hannan

To mark the occasion of the Belgian designer’s 100th show, Dries Van Noten talks SLEEK through some of the artworks that have inspired his illustrious archive of design

Young Bloods

illustrations: Nagib Chtaib

SLEEK styles five emerging, cutting edge fashion talents

Adrian Joffe

by Tamsin Blanchard

Ahead of the Met opening, we spoke to Rei Kawakubo’s partner in life and business on the exhibition, Comme’s history and his and Rei’s chemistry

Possessing Only Distance

by Emily McDermott · illustrations: Ina Niehoff

Anri Sala confronts historical and political realities through musical and physical encounters

Paint it Black

by Francesca Gavin · illustrations: Santiago Sierra

From the colour of evil to racial emancipation, black has represented a multitude of meanings. SLEEK charts its changing significance from Medieval Europe to the present and finds out how it’s giving today’s artists and designers a blank slate with which to change the world.

Faustian Bargain

illustrations: Lottermann and Fuentes

SLEEK goes behind the scenes for Faust, Anne Imhof’s Golden Lion winning Venice Biennale Pavilion

That’s Entertainment

by Alicia Reuter

Berlin collective Conglomerate make TV-inspired videos bridging the gap between art as form and content

Rebel Youth Springs Eternal

YBA star Sarah Lucas is back with two new shows in San Francisco and Berlin proving she’s still as insubordinate as ever

We Are The Robots

by Jeni Fulton · illustrations: Robert Fischer

From ancient civilisations to Japanese dogs, the computer-generated inhabitants of Ian Cheng’s simulated realities are merging the worlds of art and science

Breaking the elements

illustrations: Stills, Strokes

Stills & Strokes reimagine the Grecian-inspired flacons of Paco Rabanne’s Invictus & Olympéa Intense

Designs For Life

Urban design installation "MINI Living - Breathe" reconnects people in Milan with their city, nature and themselves.

Always The Sun

illustrations: Francois Visser

As summer approaches, SLEEK took a drive around Cape Town in a white Porsche 911 Carrera GTS cabriolet to discover what the city has to offer