AA Bronson

Lucy Raven

by Louisa Elderton

The American artist commanding the ineffability of historical and personal transformation via sculpture and film

Alexandra Pirici

by Alison Hughill

By confronting the enclosure of digital space, Alexandra Pirici’s sculptural performances are challening the contemporary understanding of aesthetic practice

Clemens Schick

by Hans Bussert · illustrations: Lottermann, Fuentes

German actor Clemens Schick discusses his artist friends, depicting the inner life of a tech multi-billionaire and his latest role representing Montblanc

The scent of Gabrielle

illustrations: Crista Leonard

Chanel pays homage to its iconic founder with its new abstract floral

AA Bronson

by Emily McDermott · illustrations: Christian Werner

Canadian conceptual artist AA Bronson is preparing for ma- jor institutional reflections on his former collective General Idea as well as engaging with his ancestor’s persecution of Native Americans

Turning Out the Lights

by Charlie Robin Jones

For her show at the Danish Pavilion in this year’s Venice Biennale, Kirstine Roepstorff has been channelling the power of darkness

Black Box, White Cube

by Will Furtado

Performers are confronting the differences between art and dance and upending aesthetic and political realities into the bargain

The Checkered History of Burberry

by Gregk Foley · illustrations: Lukas Korschan

Nova Check tartan is to Burberry what the double C is to Chanel: an instantly recognisable brand signifier. Yet the label nearly abandoned it in the early Aughts due to its association with working-class football fans.

Addicted to failure

illustrations: Federico Ferrari

Cat Marnell is the bad girl beauty editor turned Gonzo journalist with an addiction memoir tackling how to turn personal failure into victory – and vice versa

Lonneke van der Palen

For this edition of the Cabinet, photographer Lonneke van der Palen travels to South Africa to photograph her project “The Plastic Bag”.