Juliana Huxtable

Gabi Ngcobo

by Will Furtado

South Africa’s Gabi Ngcobo is rejuvenating the 10th Berlin Biennale with a touch of deviancy

Rushemy Botter

by Hamza Beg

Dutch designers Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh are making gender fluid clothing channeling the culture of the Caribbean

Christian Boltanski

by Jeni Fulton

In the latest installment of his ongoing work “Animitas”, French sculptor Christian Boltanski is contemplating universality

Are You Being Served?

by Ira Solomatina

As Paris’s legendary fashion haven Colette prepares to close its doors, its director Sarah Andelman takes a look back over its legacy

Juliana Huxtable

by Will Furtado · illustrations: Timothy Schaumburg

Juliana Huxtable’s music, art and literature is relentlessly taking apart preconceived notions concerning identity, culture and politics one perplexing project after another

The New Art Architecture Complex

by Alison Hugill

Art spaces in the German capital are enlisting the help of architects to re- develop the city ’s historic locations and change contemporar y ideas about the white cube in the process

Anne Imhof

by Jeni Fulton

Four months into her epic prizewinning performance “Faust”, Anne Imhof reflects on fame and creative relationships

Sylvie Fleury

by Natalie Rigg · illustrations: Moos−Tang

For the last three decades, Switzerland’s Sylvie Fleury has been impressing audiences with cosmetics-inspired art taking take aim at consumerism — and her latest exhibition is no different

24 hours Berlin

by Lukas Korschan

We track Berlin’s men about town with the new Diesel smartwatch

The luxury of space

illustrations: Ken Schluchtmann

Canadian art collectors Samara Walbohm and Joe Shlesinger team up with BMW’s new BMW Concept X7 iPerformance, and reveal the careful planning behind their gallery, Scrap Metal