Martin Parr

Chris Kraus Urban Decay

illustrations: Nick Taylor

The dissolution of art capitals + creative refuge

Liz Johnson Artur

by Harriet Shepherd

To mark the 70th anniversary of the Windrush Generation, SLEEK talks to Liz Johnson Artur about the people at the heart of her photographs, and how Britain’s black diasporic communities have shaped London

Prisca Vera Franchetti

by Harriet Shepherd

Born in Italy and based in New York, 28-year-old designer Prisca Vera Franchetti is redefining elegance for the millennial era

Cyril Lancelin

by Kathryn O’Regan

Cyril Lancelin of architecture studio town.and.concrete creates complex, maze-like installations and experimental buildings across the world

Glen Martens

by Ann Binlot

The boy from Bruges

How Istanbul’s Artists defied the government

by Amandas Ong

Ahead of September’s Contemporary Istanbul art fair, Amandas Ong visits Turkey’s biggest city to speak to its dissidents, performers and curators, discovering a scene that’s far more complex than the common refrain ‘political art’ would suggest

Richie Shazam & Garrett Nelson

by Penny Rafferty



by Laia Garcia · illustrations: Katarina Šoškić

Last year, 28.5 billion people accessed PornHub, the largest pornography website on the Internet. Despite its popularity, however, the porn industry remains geared toward the gratification of heterosexual male desire. Enter Stoya, an unconventional adult actor whose new website ZeroSpaces is combining porn and sex work activism. Here, she speaks to Laia Garcia about her presence in the business.

Martin Parr

by Martin Parr

Martin Parr photographs the Serpentine Gallery director Hans Ulrich Obrist for SLEEK, while our Editor in Chief Grace Banks talks to him about Brexit, artists in residence and the power of Instagram

What does Europe mean to you ?

by Kathryn O’Regan

Next spring, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. But what does this move mean for the lives of European citizens working in the arts? SLEEK asks five artists and writers what Europe has meant to their creative practice, and what British citizens can do after Brexit.

Elmgreen & Dragset

by Emily McDermott

After becoming art superstars by tackling subjects drawn from personal and political struggles, Berlin-based Scandinavian duo Elmgreen & Dragset are now skewering religious taboos of gender and power through their forthcoming shows in Paris and London

The Art of Making an Exit

by Ben Eastham · illustrations: Max Knicker

As the UK’s attempts to leave the European Union are hampered by material realities and the preposterous fantasies of Brexit ideologues, Ben Eastham contemplates how identities – national, fictitious or otherwise – are constructed through combinations of similarities and differences

Call on me

illustrations: Sacha Heintze

Paco Rabanne’s new perfume 1 Million Lucky is here – accompanied by sister scent Lady Million Lucky. Inspired by the bling of the bottles, we shot them with Rabanne’s classic metal dress

Inner space

by Bex Day

From here, you can see forever: Louis Vuitton’s new season, seen against the grandeur of Berlin’s extra-terrestrial high-modernist masterpiece, the House of World Cultures

Through a glass darkly

illustrations: Clara Nebeling

Chanel Beauty’s radical new mascara features the first ever 3D-printed brush. Here, we refract and reframe the high-tech makeup via pure, clear water