The cult of the self

Haifaa Al-Mansour

par Kathryn O’Regan

The director whose 2012 debut about a young girl growing up in Saudi Arabia stoked controversy globally, speaks to us about a lifetime making radical art, Mary Shelley and her mission to dispel the myths about life in the Saudi kingdom.

Tania Franco Klein

par Harriet Shepherd

The photographer turning anxiety into art

Kenta Cobayashi

par Harriet Shepherd

Japanese photographer and digital artist Kenta Cobayashi makes images inspired by graffiti, Nineties tech nostalgia and clouds

Can a perfume challenge the gender binary?

par Jessica Hannan

Quit Playing Games

par Michael Salu

To better understand tomorrow’s hypermediated world, we could do worse than to follow the experience of today’s video gamers. Writer and artist Michael Salu considers the increasing prevalence of synthesised experience in our day-to-day lives

Martine Syms

par Kathryn O’Regan


Where are the women ?

par Lou Stoppard

As the centenary of Bauhaus approaches, new attention is being paid to the German design school’s pioneering but largely forgotten female members. But is it too little too late? Lou Stoppard explores how the women of the Bauhaus have been overlooked and why their renaissance is overdue

London portrait

par Harriet Shepherd

Art, austerity & hope

Agata Ingarden

par Antonia Marsh

Founder of London’s Soft Opening gallery Antonia Marsh explains the significance of Agata Ingarden’s eco-conscious caramel sculptures ahead of the Polish artist’s forthcoming show at the space next year

Dieter Buchhart

par Kate Matthams

Curator Dieter Buchhart on how his overlapping Egon Schiele and Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibitions in Paris this autumn reveal the artists’ knack for depicting humanity’s irrational cruelty in their self-reflexive paintings and drawings


From smartphones to voice-activated digital assistants, the abundance of devices capable of listening to our everyday lives has grown in recent years. Left unchecked, however, their potential for abuse is immense. Drawing on examples from the work of multimedia artist and human rights investigator Lawrence Abu Hamdan, writer Huw Nesbitt considers this phenomenon in the context of power and violence

Double bind

visuels: Vitali Gelwich

Taking the lead from the strong and autonomous women of Berlin who practice power over urban living, we shoot Armani’s 2019 androgynous Resort collection and find that these are clothes to be taken seriously in

Agents of change

visuels: Cihan Öncü

Sardinia dreaming

visuels: Max Stürmer

New York artist, Jeremyville, who teamed up with BOSS for their 2018 Holiday Collection, lets his imagination run free to illustrate our winter daydreams. The serene blues and sandy browns of the Italian beaches blend seamlessly into the 2019 BOSS Cruise Collection, taking us away from the icy concrete of Berlin.

Watch your language

visuels: Alexander Coggin

Montblanc’s Summit 2 is a very smart watch. As well as the timeless design you expect from the storied brand, it’s got one of the most future-facing assistant interfaces available on the wrist, with everything from a personal virtual running coach to top-of-the-range battery life and processing power, alongside calendar notifications, maps and jet-lag-crushing travel tips. We got chatting with the Summit 2 over a busy day in Berlin.