Influence : it’s all in your head

Raven Smith

by Raven Smith

Writer and satirist Raven Smith presents a selection of titles reflecting on life and humour

Théâtre Le Palace, Paris

by Angela Waters

All runway images Gucci SS19

Ariana Papademetropoulos

by Riya Hamid

The american artist producing hypnotic, surreal images pitting reality against artifice, inside against outside.

Valentine Bo

by Kathryn O'Regan

From images of David Lynch hoisting babies in test tubes to depictions of experiments inspired by New Age religion, the ukrainian photographer creates grotesque sci-fi narratives exploring today's bizarre realities.

Louise Bonnet

by Rebecca O'Dwyer

The swiss artist who swapped Geneva for LA in the nineties to paint the visceral weirdness of the human body?

Young British and angry

by Sophie Wilkinson · illustrations: Luke, Nik

After nearly a decade of austerity, British youths are striking back. From climate change and menstruation activists, to pro-choice and non-binary rights petitioners, and anti-racist musicians, journalist Sophie Wilkinson meets the young campaigners changing the world

The Age of influence

by Larissa Pham

To what extent do artists still possess the capacity to influence? How much does contemporary art inform politics? And what influence, if any, do biennials still have? Co-curator of the 79th iteration of the Whitney Biennial, Jane Panetta and participating artists — John Edmonds, Meriem Bennani and Paul Mpagi Sepuya discuss

Etymology of Influence

by Ruby Brunton

Today ‘influencer’ denotes preening social media icons but the term is loaded with history. From its root in Latin to its use in astrology to determine destiny, the ability to exert power over people and events continues to shape society. Illustrated by the exhibition Influencers at Galerie Hussenot

Fake influence

by Nimrod Kamer

How politics, culture and society is overrun by scammers

Sharon Eyal

by Olivia Parkes · illustrations: Carlota Guerrero

After collaborating with Dior and photographer Carlota Guerrero, choreographer Sharon Eyal recently returned to Berlin with Half Life, a mas- ter-performance that commands maximum emotion with minimal gestures while mixing classicism with techno. Her collaborator Guererro shot Eyal and her troupe in Berlin for us last spring

April Dawn Alison

by Huw Nesbitt

Her Polaroid self-portraits were at once funny, sexual and sad, but who was the ‘real’ April Dawn Alison? Ahead of the publication of a book dedicated to this San Franciscan original, the title’s editor Erin O’Toole pieces together the artist’s work spanning four decades, and explains how this posthumous publication is helping promote LGBTQ visibility

Silvia Fendi

by Benoît Loiseau

On why masterpieces matter more than ever.

Ingrid Bigirimana

illustrations: Lukas Korschan

The creative scene in Berlin is an international community seeking freedom, self-expression and representation

Vik Muniz

Brazilian artist Vik Muniz collaborates with Ruinart, the world’s oldest champagne house, in a series of works looking at creativity and tradition

Material worlds

How companies and creative studios are revolutionising the way we interact with the world around us