Representation in front and behind the scenes

by Khalila Douze

Following the release of his latest book, The New Black Vanguard, a study charting the rise of a new generation of black photographers and image makers, Antwaun Sargent tells Khalila Douze about how these artists are fighting racism and oppression while reimagining the medium’s possibilities

Joy Labinjo

by Kathryn O’Regan

Incoming artist

Izumi Miyazaki

by Alice Finney

Incoming artist


by Kathryn O’Regan

Introducing the biodegradable glitter brand that stole the show at New York Fashion Week.

Renell Medrano

by Gem Fletcher

Having made her name through intimate portraits of fellow New Yorkers, the 27-year-old Bronx photographer is synching the worlds of art and fashion, exploring her subjects’ vitality and flaws

Laurie Simmons

by Fanny Singer

The 70-year-old feminist icon returns following retrospectives in Chicago and Texas with an uncanny photographic series exploring gender, her relationship with her children and what it means to feel trapped inside a body

Kembra Pfahler

by Jessica Stoya · illustrations: Fumi Nagasaka

In 1992, she had her vulva sewn shut in Richard Kern’s Sewing Circle, a feat she performed again, twice, most recently for Penthouse in 1998. Elsewhere, Pfahler has exhibited paintings, portraits and curated exhibitions under her concept of ‘availabilism’, the practice of making art with whatever is close to hand. In 2014, she also co- organised Future Feminism in New York alongside singer Anohni, musicians Sierra and Bianca Casady from CocoRosie, and performer Johanna Constantine, an art, music and performance event that later toured Europe. Here, actor, model and writer Stoya recounts her conversation with the artist at Pfahler’s New York home, including discussions on the relationship between art and disent, artistic personas and the exact way she feels about gender equality.

Chopova Lowena

by Grace Banks · illustrations: Xavier Mas

Creating luxury clothes from upcycled Bulgarian fabric sourced from auctions and tip-offs in, the South London label balancing sustain- ability, Balkan heritage and high fashion

Thebe Magugu

by Helen Jennings

"My 16 year-old self's dreams art now coming to fruition so right now I feel unstoppable".

Eat me

by Sirin Kale

Today, we call them magic mushrooms but the Aztecs considered them to be the flesh of the gods. So what changed? Sirin Kale traces the influence of hallucinogenic fungi in North African cave paintings, Lewis Carroll, the Swinging Sixties and Broad City, and finds that sometimes, seeing really is believing


by Adrienne Raquel

Move for me

by Felicity Ingram

Country talk

by Carly Scott

Better living through technology

Although some things need a human touch, a plethora of activities benefit from electronic assistance. From cycling to keeping your home, clothes and body clean and fresh, here are some of the best high-tech life hacks

Dublin in Five Points

illustrations: Roe, Co

The Irish capital is quickly emerging as one of Europe’s most vibrant hotspots, combining tradition with forward-thinking dynamism. The newly opened Roe & Co distillery in the iconic Guinness Power House is the perfect example of old meets new, updating Irish whiskey for a new generation

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