Just a Girl

by Jenny Zhang

The New York-based poet and Sour Heart author Jenny Zhang recalls growing up as an outsider in the Nineties and her attempts to channel the constructed glamour of her childhood pop icons

This Is Not An Exit

by Laura Havlin

As the German artist’s latest flight-inspired sculptural exhibition opens in London this spring, writer Laura Havlin explores Isa Genzken’s decades-long obsession with the relationship between leisure, travel, commerce and the inertia of modern life

Hussein Chalayan Returns

by Angela Waters, Salma Haidrani

After 27 years of combining technology and fashion, the designer who gave the world coffee table dresses, LED skirts and collections made from decomposing fabric is teaching the next generation of garment makers how to make sustainable clothing

Nodaleto: Almost Famous

by Angela Waters

The cult shoe brand founded by designer Julia Toledano and creative director Olivier Leone, inspired by high modernist principles, Legally Blonde and Monica Geller

Ed Atkins

by Ed Cumming

He hates telephones, has a fixation for words and bases the disembodied men that populate his films on aspects of himself despite disliking his appearance. The enigmatic British video artist and writer Ed Atkins discusses the riddles and contradictions in his life and work following the publication of Old Food, his second collection of fiction

Jenna Sutela

by Gary Zhexi Zhang

Soul, meat and pattern

Laura Mulvey

by Chloe Stead

After the male gaze

Victoria Sin

by Lola Olufemi

"I'm trying to break down the binary of thinking and feeling"

Narcissister : face value

by Kathryn O'Regan

A member of New York’s underground performance circuit for over a decade, masked Californian artist Narcissister stages visceral and subversive stripteases, challenging ideas concerning femininity, race and glamour

Clifford Prince King

by Clifford Prince King

"I guess it's the way that we try to make our selves feel good"

Eliza Douglas

by Text by Hettie Judah

"My art is not distinct from my life"