Myrna Maakaron

by Ricardia Bramley


Marie Grönemeyer

Marie, you design T-shirts for a very specific reason and demographic. Tell us about that.

Conditio Humana 2.0

by Kat Kaufmann

Selfhood, change and metastability

Anselm Kiefer

A Letter to Anselm Kiefer

Unemployed and illegal

I meet Paulina Schulz (the real name of Berlin stalwart DJ Gigola) at the unusually empty Schwarzes Cafe in Charlottenburg, close to her workplace. We greet by shaking hands and then she sits right next to me at the table.

The gifted moment

by Anja Prinz · illustrations: Erik Cesla

Monday begins very early. So far the heat hasn’t crept into the city center. I take the elevator and stand alone in the Weekend Club, a rooftop bar at Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. There’s a wind blowing up here, and amid all the packaged and assorted things I find myself feeling quite comfortable. This is where we’ll be photographing and interviewing model and influencer Stefanie Giesinger, who in April launched her sustainable fashion label, Nu-In, with partner and social media icon Marcus Butler. As she stands before me and we begin, a beautiful day unfolds.

Elfie Semotan

by Anja Prinz, Ricardia Bramley

Keeping the Door Ajar for That Which Feels Uncomfortable


illustrations: Zach Apo-Tsang


illustrations: Jackson Bowley