Cate Underwood


Rethinking, Rebuilding, Regenerating Coral Reefs

Christian Bracht in conversation with Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus

A Journey of Synaesthesia

On an autumn evening in October, the House of Krug invited guests to London’s Alexandra Palace, a grand Victorian theatre centred on a hilltop to indulge in a night of musical champagne tasting entitled Seeing Sound, Hearing Krug. A champagne house that believes in the universal power of music, Krug worked together with acclaimed Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto to celebrate the symbiosis of taste and sound – bringing these senses together in an extraordinarily beautiful way.

Cate Underwood

Parastou Forouhar

Leo Altaras, Clemens Schick

Emerson Snowe

Erik Kessels

Walter van Beirendock

by Marijo Zupanov

Meryl Rogge

illustrations: Sloan Laurits

Library of fashion research

“What is more important in a moment of extreme action and opinion, in certain cases leading to violence, than to create a library? A place of peaceful contemplation and the preservation of human knowledge, where an individual can, in their own time and pace, think and search for meaning.” – Steven Mark Klein