Freedom Воля Freiheit


Flavio Manzoni is an Italian architect and automobile designer. He is the Senior Vice President of Design at Ferrari since January 2010 and has led the creation of many Ferrari models including the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. For us, he has chosen the word 'serendipity' accompanied by a musical score. He wrote this page with the Montblanc Ferrari Stilema SP3 Limited Edition.

Freedom Воля Freiheit


“To suffer is one thing; another thing is living with the photographed images of suffering, which does not necessarily strengthen conscience and the ability to be compassionate,” said Susan Sontag in her notable On Photography. “Once one has seen such images, one has started down the road of seeing more – and more. Images transfix. Images anaesthetise.” We live in a world where images of pain and suffering are normalised, numbing. From the moment we wake up until the mo- ment we go to sleep, these images accompany us every- where. Yet, the power of photography is not lost. In fact, now more than ever, it is undeniably the most important tool we have.


by Olena Zelenska

If Olena Zelenska is in the public eye as Ukraine’s First Lady, that’s one of her responsibilities. She’s prominent but at the same time she’s one of the many Ukrainian mothers who have to experience what the war does to children and young people. And as such, she shares her experiences with thousands of mothers and women who have been affected by wars or are still being affected today. She wants to draw attention to these children and young people, making it clear what depends on them – namely the future.

Dancefloor warriors

At the time, our team consisted of about 200 people. Soon the old brewery, which had withstood two world wars, was turned into a 24/7 shelter, where hundreds of people found refuge from russian shelling until the liberation of the Kyiv region in April 2022.