Oh, Mother Nature

by Rose Dodd · illustrations: Margo Leismüller

Why do we imagine a future beyond our own atmosphere when we are bound to earth by the soil, the seeds and the science beneath our very feet? Mother Nature cares for us, now let’s stop with the exploitation.

Paul Marciano

by Christian Bracht

Christian Bracht talks to Paul Marciano, Chief Creative Officer of GUESS? Inc., about the future of sustainable denim.

Zaria Forman and Vacheron Constantin

Traversing Landscapes

Jin, Jiyan, Azadi

Favourite word

How everyone online became mother

by Laura Pitcher

Words by Laura Pitcher

Simone Haack

by Sebastian C. Strenger

Throughout her career, Simone Haack has brought all that’s usually hidden inside to the surface in her paintings. Having completed her fine arts degree in painting under Katharina Grosse and Karin Kneffel, she has now become the new shoot- ing star of the German art scene. Her paintings are about to be featured in numerous prestigious exhibitions, such as Dix und die Gegenwart [‘Dix and Contemporary Art’] at the Ham- burger Deichtorhallen, alongside works by John Currin, Al- ice Neel, Nicolas Party, Cindy Sherman and Kara Walker, as well as at Galerie Gebr. Lehmann in Dresden. Haack, a recent recipient of the Willi Oltmanns Award for Painting, is con- sidered one of the pioneers of a new Magical Realism. SLEEK visited the artist in her studio in Berlin-Pankow and talked to her about the challenges of being a mother and an artist in the art world.