Disaster areas

illustrations: Gert jan kocken

Dutch artist Gert Jan Kocken first began constructing his series ‘Disaster Areas’ in 1999, around the time that he was invited to participate in an exhibit about groups. The locations he chose were places that already existed in the collective memory of Western Europe. These were places that had been “chosen by fate” and as such, had compelled a certain public fascination.

The sum of all parts

illustrations: Robin hart hiltz

The average height of a Canadian male is 5’9” and he weighs approximately 180 lbs. The average height of a Canadian female is 5’3” and she weighs approximately 140 lbs.The Netherlands lay claim to some of the tallest people, with the average male standing at 6’1” and the average female a respectable 5’7”. The typical American is heftier than their Canadian counterparts, the average male weighing 190 lbs and the average female pushing 165 lbs


by Andrew de freitas · illustrations: Andrew de freitas

The overnight Greyhound from Montréal to New York usually crosses the US border around 1am, but we had been kept waiting and it was close to three o’clock. There was an elderly man seated across from me, and I watched as he fondled the upholstery in search of the lever to make his seat recline.

No man’s land

by Adrien Baudet

Almost Famous

by Jimmi Francoeur

Mix and match

by Faical Hajji

Wait it out, walk it out, stand out

by Sandrine Castellan

Crowd pleasers

by Nico Stinghe

Crow sickness

by Hannah Byrne · illustrations: Pasacale georgiev, vanda daftari

The future of our health looks a little grim, especially as our world population continues to grow. Thanks to improvements in health care and better living standards, we’re living longer. But stress and poor nutrition, along with increases in eating disorders and diseases such as obesity and diabetes, means that long-term health and quality of life is in marked decline.

The Man of the Crowd

by Zachary g chauvin

The throngs of people filing through the streets of London in Poe’s short story ‘The Man of the Crowd’are described for us through a distant and fascinated narrator.

Life in a big city

by Hannah Byrne · illustrations: Eipher Heilland

Kap Bambino

by Adrien Baudet

We were touring in Mexico and Mexicans are completely different from everyone else. I remember one show in an abandoned building. There was no power. An hour before the show went on, trucks came and some guy started putting cables from the street up and through the windows and we had power! Right before the show started all these people were coming - there was a weird mix. People that were working at the stores on the street, prostitutes, children and some celebrity’ came and they had bodyguards with guns. We said ‘It’s ok for someone to have guns in the crowd?’and they were ‘ye ye ye.’ So we played, we played