A love of magazines

illustrations: Andreas Sungren

I wouldn’t say that I collect magazines so much as read them, and keep what I can. I was ten years old when I discovered Teen Magazine, and let’s just say fashion magazines became a ritual.

Bad news, illustrated

by Santiago Ramos Bravo · illustrations: Andreas Sundgren

Kevin Simón Mancera is a young illustrator based in Colombia. As part of one of his recent installations, Al mal tiempo mala cara, the artist hand drew one of Colombia’s most prestigious national newspapers, El Tiempo.

The future of newspapers

by Shayl Prisk · illustrations: Max prisk

Max Prisk has been a newspaper journalist for over 40 years in his native Australia. He learned the ropes as a young man working on several regional newspapers until 1971 when he joined The Canberra Times, the daily newspaper of Australia’s capital city.


by Any Hugo Ball

To have Mousse Magazine as your local daily paper would be the equivalent of growing up in the penthouse suite of the MOMA (because one exists, I swear). Mousse is an Italian publication that puts a lot of weight on high art, with an emphasis on the essays and commentaries of some of the world’s most reputable curators and art critics.

Mind the gutter

by Maxime G Delisle

We demonstrate how meaning can be lost in the crease

Prints on print

illustrations: SPG + Lepigeon

She’s good on paper

illustrations: John Londono, Alexandra Ivansky

Featured artist Alex Sebag hides behind the cover

Paper Cuts

illustrations: Sandrine Castellan

Meahghan Kennedy

by Daniel Luna · illustrations: Tristan Casey

Meaghan Kennedy is one of but a few in the world who is carving out a niche in piñata couture. Now working full time on her craft, Meaghan makes custom made piñatas for clients from her living room floor in Vancouver. She spoke with Daniel Luna about turning a hobby into a profession and the process behind her papier-mâché creations.

Rage 5

by Daniel Luna · illustrations: Robby Reis

Montréal born Rage 5 explores many mediums with his art, including film, photo and illustration, however his iconic paper posters are perhaps how he is best known across the city. Daniel Luna talks to Rage 5 about the practice of postering paper art on public spaces, the process and ideology behind it and the growing interest in subversive art within commercial realms

Cécile Coté

by Vanda Daftari · illustrations: Raphaël Ouellet

Vanda daftari › This issue of SNAP! is dealing in part with the idea of the death of print’ and how printed matter might be threatened by digital technology. We are reflecting in particular on how publications are currently facing a serious shift in consumption; the new ways we share information, and all the changes in text and image media at large. For instance will the iPad really hurt magazines?

The secretary

illustrations: Jean Malek

You’re getting older

by Alexander LaidLaw · illustrations: Clara Palardy

Mathew had drank several beers with his friend Dave and had smoked some of Dave’s cigarettes. Now it was after midnight and he was biking home to be with his girlfriend Alyson. He was biking without his mittens even though the cold bit his hands. He wanted to air the smell of cigarettes from his fingers. For the same reason he was breathing deeply with his mouth wide open, hoping to refresh his breath. Just like anybody else, Alyson didn’t like to smell cigarettes and beer when she was holding her lover. Mathew wasn’t in a hurry so he was biking slow down the middle of a street, and he turned around when a lady from the sidewalk called him, “Oh you, young man! Will you help me please?”

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