Toon Icons

by Sylvain Martet · illustrations: Andreas Sundgren, Maxime Francout

Maxime Francout is a French illustrator who lives and draws in Montréal. Together we work as French Fourch, an independent publisher with more projects than money. Maxime is a frenetic doodler and his style borrows from basic elements of geometry and pop culture. Let’s talk about that while playing the FIFA 2011 videogame.

Turning Tables

by Samantha Marcum

Today it is a ubiquitous object in every club and dance hall, a mainstay of contemporary music culture, but the traditional vinyl turntable was being used as a musical instrument as early as the 30’s when artists began experimenting with composing and producing.

Silence and noise

illustrations: Clara Palardy

Sing and your hell is heaven, your heaven less hell. ~ Hilda Doolittle

We love you Kate

illustrations: Spg, Lepigeon, Artin Laporte

A photo tribute to the indomitable Miss Moss and introducing Miss Pop.

Smells like teen spirit

by Shayl Prisk · illustrations: Raphael Duellet, Yanick Fournier

Just as fashion and music in the 90’s broke away from tradition and grew out of a rejection of ideals embraced in earlier decades, grunge design, now a thing of the past, signalled an urgent desire to update its visual world with something that was more in sync with itself.

Deja vu

illustrations: Maxime G.Delisle, Daphné Caron

The Art Icon

by Shayl Prisk, Vanda Daftari

It is certainly easier to name an icon than to define exactly what qualities have made him or her iconic. So we used this as our starting point and gave Diane Charbonneau, curator of decorative arts at le Musée des Beaux Arts, a week to come up with a short-list of names for artists and designers from the last century who one might call indisputably iconic.

Cult Classic

illustrations: Martin Laporte