Andrea Mary Marshall - Portrait of a lady

by Stephanie Laoun · illustrations: Andrea Mary Marshall

Painter, Illustrator, photographer and performance artist Andrea Mary Marshall uses her self and her image to develop an ongoing study on feminity and personna.

Making and Unmaking - Drawing with light

by Stephanie Laoun, Helen Adilia Arceyut-Frixione · illustrations: Andreas Sundgren, Allison Schulnik, Jonathan Zawada, Petrina Hicks

Blank Slate

illustrations: Clara Palardy, Raphaël Ouellet, Luc-Vincent Ouellet

Masks and Perfume - Adoring Beauty

illustrations: Nico Stinghe, Helen Thai, John Londono, Maxime G.Delisle

Gold Rush

illustrations: Andreas Sundgren

Lawn Ornaments

illustrations: Maxime G. Delisle

“And your flesh shall be a great poem”

by SHAYL PRISK · illustrations: Tobin Belanger, Karin Demeyer,

There is an irony in the taboo we have traditionally cast on nudity in our culture. To be sure, the society we live in today has never been more free regarding nudity, and our collective senses have necessarily become dulled by the sight of nude forms now greeting us from newstands, posters and Tumblrs on the daily

Corey Shapiro

by Ben Pobjoy · illustrations: Paul Labonté

Fashion historian, creative force and canadian entrepreneur, Corey Sharpiro is the driving force behind the now internationnaly successful vintage frames company, a business he has built up over the years by using his specialized skills in sourcing.