illustrations: Ulric Collette

The genetic portraits project is a photographic study about exploring the genetic differences and similarities between different members of the same family.

The Kills

by Emma Hautecoeur · illustrations: John Londono, Raina + Wilson

The Last Goodbye. They have done it hundreds of times in their life, together: immortalizing it in snapshots. We’ve got it in tunes, they’ve got it in photos taken on the tiny seat of a photobooth

Adam et Eve

illustrations: Etienne Saint-Denis

Cellar Door

illustrations: Matthieu Fortin

There are no two words in the English language that have been more hailed by authors, scholars and linguists as those two written here.

What is binary opposition ?

by Helen Cixous · illustrations: Vinna Laudico, Adrien Baudet

The theory that says a pair of related terms or concepts derive their meaning through their opposition.

Two Faced

illustrations: Tobin Belanger

Nice Pair

illustrations: Hannah Palmer, Christophe Guertin, Victor Vargas, Maxime Francout, Nico Stinghe

Good Chemistry

by Jen Ho, Alex Chinien, Danny Demers, David Oliva, Mike Mason

We talk to four duos working at the forefront of creative food-making in Canada

Pas de deux

by Rosalie Champagne · illustrations: Leda, Saint Jacques

Canada’s answer to iconic photo duos like Inez & Vinoodh, Mert & Marcus and Sean & Seng, Leda & St-Jacques have dominated the local industry since they began collaborating in 2000