Kenneth Sean Carson

illustrations: Shayne Laverdière

Heavenly creatures

illustrations: Laurence Philomene

€Are we truly passionate or original enough to consciously formulate our own ideals?”

by Ben Wannamaker

When choosing your spouse, look into their lineage.”

Golden girls

illustrations: Nico Stinghe

Nick Oaks

illustrations: Shayne Laverdière

"It didn’t matter what the tattoos were when I was young, I just loved the look of them and I wanted one.”

Al lover

by Shawn Lennon

You’ll often hear Al Lover’s name attached to artists like The Oh Sees, Ty Segall, and Night Beats where he layers a series of effected tracks to create a ‘wall of sound’ rendition of their original recordings. This gives a live element to songs that breathe life into a stereo, something that can only be achieved when you treat a soundboard like a musical instrument. Since moving to the west coast from North Carolina, Al Lover has found himself immersed in the area’s rich garage and psychedelic scene and is pioneering a new element to the genre.

Zola Jesus

by Emma Hautecoeur

Wisconsin-born singer, song-writer and musician Zola Jesus is sometimes slotted in under the label of gothpop, although this is an oversimplification. Rising, as she has, along with a wave of young goth nymphets such as Toronto’s Austra girls, the now hallowed Grimes and EMA (who she now tours with in Europe and Australia) Zola remains difficult to categorize. Although she did once claim her goal is to make the perfect pop song, the 23 year old 4’11’’ platinum blonde lays claim to a guttural and sultry voice one could better compare with passed Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie or Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance.

Eva Michon

illustrations: Jody Rogac

Toronto-based Eva Michon is a photographer, film-maker, writer, publisher, editor, party planner, and the absolute antithesis of that cliche dumb blonde. Yet as she heads up the critically acclaimed Bad Day Magazine, she’s at least proving blondes have more fun, interviewing the likes of Gaspar Noé, Sofia Coppola, Harmony Korine and Jason Schwartzman for her day job.

Beatrice Martin

illustrations: Maïna Militza


Blonde town

illustrations: Nico Krijno

Nico Krijno is a South African-born photographer and filmmaker who started shooting at the young age of ten. Prolific and gifted, Nico now shoots for magazines like Dazed & Confused and brands like Nike with a signature bold and minimal style. Nico is based out of Cape Town, South Africa.