The road trip issue

The Mile High Club

illustrations: Adrien Baudet

Ever wondered what it’s really like to be a flight attendant, travelling the world and getting paid for the privilege? In reality, the job is gruelling with the stress of rude passengers, departure delays and new time zones part of your daily routine. We spoke to Lauren*, an FA working with Air Transat, who gave us some insight into her job and its pros and cons.

Free as a Bird

by Marie-Christin Stephan · illustrations: Marie-Christin Stephan

All of the truck drivers I’ve met have told me about the freedom of the road but also about the sadness of being alone on their life’s path.

The Young and The Restless

illustrations: Donat

Emily Shur

illustrations: Emily Shur

Making a name for herself as a portrait photographer, Emily Shur has shot the full gamut of celebrities from Adrien Brody, Mila Kunis, Luke Wilson and Jeremy Piven to Sofia Vergara, Michael Cera and Janice Dickinson. However Emily also travels far and wide shooting epic landscape photography, from Japan to New Zealand, Scotland to Alaska. Here Emily explains to us where her interest in both forms of photography comes from, how they differ and the way she will approach each new subject.

J. Wesley Brown

illustrations: J. Wesley Brown

J. Wesley Brown is a photographer now based out of Los Angeles. Over this past year, as a friend of the director of independent short film Nono, he had the opportunity to discover entirely new terrain and surroundings while shooting this series of stills on set. Here he tells us about that experience and gives us a glimpse into his life, having just recently relocated from Madrid, Spain, where he had been living and working.

How to Become an Explorer

illustrations: Marie-Christin Stephan

In the series How to Become an Explorer, photographer Marie-Christin Stephan attempts to link the tradition of old explorer portraiture with the contemporary explorer culture she experienced while participating in an expedition through the Finnish wilderness north of the polar circle. Her project involved reconstructing or imitating traditional portraits and recontextualizing the age old motif of human strength set in and against the immense beauty and force of nature.

Susan MacQuarrie

illustrations: Susan MacQuarrie

Halifax born, Montréal based Susan MacQuarrie has established a career for herself as an art director and set decorator for films, television, commercials and photo shoots, and has worked on an incredible array of top notch projects for many decades.

Richard Bernardin

by Marie-Christin Stephan · illustrations: Richard Bernardin

Richard Bernardin is a Canadian fashion photographer famous for having a signature style and impeccable feeling for art direction. His talent has won him accolades and awards over his nearly twenty year career and with clients calling from cities like New York, Paris and London every week, he is frequently travelling the world for new work. We spoke to Richard about the challenges and rewards of travelling as a photographer and how he maintains balance between his family life here in Canada and the excitement and stress of a career abroad.

On The Road

by Rebecca Ugolini, Manisha Aggarwal Schifellite

Six films where the roadbecomes a catalyst.

Going for Broke: Single Mothers hit the road

by Ben Pobjoy · illustrations: Evan Redsky / Single Mothers