The Earth Issue 01

Andrew Gold

par Elena Cremona, Maela Ohana · visuels: Andrew Gold

As our vantage point shifts, our relationship with the ocean changes. Closer up, some may find images of water challenging or threatening. Our past experiences can make it difficult to perceive a scene objectively, for what it is. Yet, as the distance increases, a level of safety is established, allowing us to see the ocean beyond its power and embrace its turbulence, chaos and beautiful formations. These images, from the series "Above" were shot on medium format color negative film and printed in the darkroom.

Alba Giertz

par Elena Cremona, Maela Ohana · visuels: Alba Giertz

Alba Giertz is a Swedish artist based in Stockholm. Her photography is deeply related to her own journey through the storms of life, acting as a tool for self discovery, emotional release and a means of finding substance in a world that at times can seem empty and vapid.

Inhabiting the aftermath

par Elena Cremona, Maela Ohana · visuels: Lucas Sere Peltzer

We are inhabiting the aftermath of our negligence to the environment, inexorably intertwining the signification of landscape with contemporary threats.

Luca Tombolini

par Elena Cremona, Maela Ohana · visuels: Luca Tombolini

LS VIII is the latest series in a breathtaking collection of prints by Luca Tombolini, a self-taught photographer from Milan.

Ram Vafa

par Elena Cremona, Maela Ohana · visuels: Ram Vafa

My background as an artist is really kind of simple : I create because it gives reason to exist, and having reason to exist creates chance to serve purpose.

Georgie Noble

par Elena Cremona, Maela Ohana · visuels: Georgia Noble

It is my aim that my works provoke questions of the metaphysical and subtly hint at the sublime, challenging preconceptions of our existence within nature and addressing our inferiority and mortality in relation to it.

Samuel Zeller

par Elena Cremona, Maela Ohana · visuels: Samuel Zeller

Samuel Zeller is a Swiss self-taught photographer who previously built his career as a graphic designer. He keeps his culture and language in mind while he works on projects abroad.

Elizabeth Fleur Willis

par Elizabeth Fleur Willis

Poème d'Elizabeth Fleur Willis

Misty Granade

par Elena Cremona, Maela Ohana · visuels: Misty Granade

I go again and again to nature for themes in my work. I am delighted and fascinated particularly by insects and how they provide so much for us even while we find them such a nuisance. But I am also drawn to the colours and textures of the land and sea. Since so much of my work is abstract, I find texture, motion, and repetition to be excellent shorthand for these unbelievably large places and ideas.

Vilde Rolfsen

par Elena Cremona, Maela Ohana · visuels: Vilde Rolfsen

When I started my degree at Kingston University back in 2011, I wasn't really that worried with the environment, but my engagement with the issue grew over the years I spent in London.


par Elena Cremona, Maela Ohana · visuels: Carla Cascales

Etimo is a sculptural project by Greek artist and designer Carla Cascales. It was born from (-) experimentation in volum design using discarded, rescued and rebuilt materials.

Steve Léon Brown

par Elena Cremona, Maela Ohana · visuels: Steve Léon Brown

Photography has always been the most natural way to express myself, allowing me to communicate visually, and share, the things I find interesting.


par Zuri Camille de Souza · visuels: Zuri Camille de Souza

Resilient. Sustainable. Ecological. Biodynamic. Smart. These are the terms we are constantly surrounded by as individuals that inhabit the city.


par Elena Cremona, Maela Ohana · visuels: Jim Frazer

These glyphs are derived from photographs of the tracks of bark beetles.