Recent travels through Europe


par J.S.

Here today and gone tonight

A letter on recent travels through Europe

par Gordon Craig

Sir Gerald du Maurier

par Drury Pervil

An appreciation

Catalogue of the sale of Mlle. Rachel’s possessions

par Rachel Terry, Ellen Terry


Design in the theatre

par Gordon Craig

With some notes on the necessity of putting every one in his right place.


par C.G.E.

And the english press

On creating and destroying

par J.S.

A note on Lambranzi and his book of dances

What about it ?

par Loïs Lincoln

The report that Mr. Gordon Craig had made an alliance with an Englishman in London and was about to produce Hamlet, if not in German, then in English, and then Macbeth after that What about it ?.

The theatre is irresistible

par Matthew Arnold

Organize the theatre