The Mask 2

The actor & the Über-Marionette

by Edward Gordon Craig

It has always been a matter for argument whether or no Acting is an art, and therefore whether the actor is an Artist, or something quite different, There is little to show us that this question disturbed the minds of the leaders of thought at any period, though there is much evidence to prove that had they chosen to approach this subject as one for their serious consideration, they would have applied to it the same method of enquiry as used when considering the arts of Music and Poetry, of Architecture, Sculpture and Painting.

Design for a Stage Scene

illustrations: Julius Olivier

A Venice & A Rome

by Allen Carric

On the page facing we give a clue to good scene painting. If the young and serious designer for the stage should study from these little pictures alone, and could bring himself to see the wonder which lies in them and disregard all that he is taught by the modern theatre, he would soon learn to invent wonderful and charming backgrounds for the plays of Shakespeare. Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice lived in just such a Venice as that shown here; Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in just such a Rome.

The energy of German theatre

The English hear many stories about the energy, the progressive spirit of the Germans. They believe just as much as it suits them to believe. They would do well to believe every bit of these stories so far as the German Theatre is concerned.... a little competition is by no means a dangerous thing. But as not all, even the truest, stories are always to be believed, we give here a couple of lists which show better than any telling what real energy the German Theatre contains. The first list or programme for the week is taken from the year 1904, the second list from the year 1908. Both are representative lists; neither is exceptional. In every German town the programme is as varied, and anyone will see at a glance that the standard is high.

Foreign Notes

by Rudolph Schmerz

The tragedian Olojiro Kawakami and his celebrated wife Sada Yacco have been lately performing here to what is known as empty benches, and this in spite of the lectures which Madame Sada Yacco has delivered here.

“Electra and Salomé ”

by G. N.

" They are hard at work with plectra at the Garden theatre, where Mrs. Pat Campbell and Mrs. Tree will appear next Tuesday night, circumstances permitting. There is a great deal of speculative expectation regarding thedance which is to be performed in this play, for report has it that it has the Salome dance of the Seven Veils " beaten to a frazzle but nous verrons.

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