Sound Capitol

par Robert Griffiths

Listen to EMI's sound capital

Capital B | Capital R

par William Parnall

Looking forward to the age of the train

Eternal City / Modern City

par Stephen Hale

Roman Holiday

Green, free and modern

par Aidan Turner-Bishop

Aidan Turner-Bishop on early Irish modernism

Shooting the Moon

par Tom Brooks

Tom Brooks beams a message from the South Bank

The Continuation of Warsaw by Other Means

par Benjamin Tallis

Capital Transfer

Jack Hale on the Guardian, George Best and the missing Whitehall of the North

Strength Through Adversity

Jo Austin in Argentina

Scotland’s Unité

par Clive Fenton

DoCoMoMo Scotland's Clive Fenton on Edinburgh's Unité

Herbert Bayer

par Emily Gee

Creating capital, rejecting capitals

Ex Press

par Eddy Rhead

Eddy Rhead searches for a lost Newspaper Capital

Berlin, Capital of a Country That No Longer Exists

par Honor Gavin and Richard Martin

Century of the Child

par Natalie Bradbury