Robert Andrew

Adrián Villar Rojas

by Justin Paton, Lisa Catt

Every sculpture is many sculptures

Alvaro Barrington

by Andy Butler

VAULT chats with London-based artist Alvaro Barrington about his interdisciplinary and dialogical approach to making art, and staying true to self.

Heather Straka

by Andrew Wood

Edgy and seductive, enigmatic and theatrical, New Zealand artist Heather Straka’s art stimulates both the eyes and the imagination. Andrew Wood looks back at a career exploring all manners of subversion and diversity, and forward to an extraordinary immersive artistic experience.

Somaya Critchlow

by Hamish Sawyer

The British artist talks to VAULT about her first major exhibition since the Covid-19 pandemic, and the diverse references that informed its development.

Jordy Kerwick

by Alanna Irwin

Australian painter Jordy Kerwick has burst onto the international contemporary art scene with a ferocious style and a light-hearted touch.

Robert Andrew

by Steve Dow

VAULT talks to Robert Andrew about revealing lost languages as a process for revival and reclamation.

Karla Marchesi

by Louise Martin-Chew

Living in Berlin, and approaching the age of 40, Karla Marchesi has found a strong female voice and the gift of time, fuelled by painterly liberation and a gutsy libido. Her new works exploit scale, humour and conceptual curiosities to climax as ‘impossible bouquets’.


by Victoria Hynes

In their new series, TextaQueen challenges Bollywood cinema by creating fictional posters that showcase alternative South Asian communities unrepresented by this mainstream hetero pop culture phenomenon.

Martin Smith

by Alison Kubler

Hannah Abbott

by Alison Kubler

What does an art dealer collect? Hannah Abbott is co-director, with Megan Dicks, of OTOMYS in Melbourne. She spoke with VAULT about her personal approach to collecting, and how a beginner might get started on a collection of their own

Del Kathryn Barton

by Kylie Spear

Beloved for her intricate paintings, artist Del Kathryn Barton’s first feature film Blaze draws upon the two-time Archibald winner’s otherworldly aesthetic to explore a young girl’s experience as witness to a horrific attack.

Alexander McQueen

by Alison Kubler

A new exhibition looks at the work of legendary designer Alexander McQueen through the lens of the art and culture that informed his complex collections.

Jerry Gogosian

by Alison Kubler

A Meme is Worth a Thousand Words

Art and artificial intelligence

by Harriet Flavel

The robots are coming, for you and your art.

Ebony Russell

by Inga Walton

Ebony Russell creates extravagant ceramic repositories for troubling and unresolved feelings.

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