Jordan Wolfson

Jordan Wolfson

by Alison Kubler

Jordan Wolfson wants you to like him, and well, it’s not difficult. He’s an excellent conversationalist, deeply curious, fastidious, ambitious and thoughtful. He takes time to formulate his answers. He thinks deeply. One of the most fascinating and provocative artists of his generation, Wolfson is ultimately preoccupied with what it means to be human, as explored through works of striking complexity and technological brilliance. Ahead of the unveiling of his new work Body Sculpture (2023) VAULT spoke to Wolfson about consciousness, Buddhist mindfulness and the positives of AI. Body Sculpture will be shown alongside works selected by Wolfson from the National Gallery of Australia collection, offering audiences further insight into the artist’s innovative vision.

Michael Candy

by Steve Dow

VAULT talks to nomadic artist Michael Candy about how technological curation and algorithms might destabilise authenticity.

AI : Artificiel Imagination

by Emma Collerton

Identified as the new frontier of the 21st century, artificial intelligence has seeped into the everyday, including in the art world. VAULT discusses the phenomenon with digital art star Serwah Attafuah and curator Gillian Kayrooz.

Patricia Piccinini

by Brooke Roland

VAULT looks at the work of Australian artist Patricia Piccinini, whose practice has long asked questions around practices of care in the context of technological advancement.

Agnieszka Pilat

by Alexia Petsinis

Ahead of Agnieszka Pilat’s AI-trained robot dogs touching down for their Australian premiere as part of the NGV Triennial 2023, VAULT spoke to the multi-disciplinary Polish artist about her “romance with technology,” its role in contemporary art and why she believes the power of celebrity is transferring from human to machine.

Tim Gruchy

by Louise Martin-Chew

Exploring the creative use of technology and its cultural context is at the heart of Tim Gruchy’s practice, a developmental progression he has travelled for over forty years. AI is part of his extensive toolbox, and his experience suggests that art may lead conversations about its futures.

Jess Johnson

by Louise Martin-Chew

Jess Johnson’s analogue drawing practice creates new worlds, expanded through her collaboration with Simon Ward in a way that allows the audience visiting privileges but little agency. In these places, our ‘fleshsuits’ are relegated to secondary status. On the cusp of their first AI simulation for the University of Oslo, Johnson describes the impetus of uncertainty to Louise Martin-Chew.

Jenny Holzer

by Harriet Flavel

American artist Jenny Holzer’s practice explores the power of language as mediated by technology. VAULT looks at Holzer’s new exhibition, which engages with the current state of American politics – and employs AI to do so.

Gordon Cheung

by Alison Kubler

VAULT spoke to British-born Chinese artist Gordon Cheung about digital technologies, the sublime in art and the materiality of technology.

Refik Anadol

by David Congram

E punters applauded. The museum made a mint. The editors became infuriated. With one commission, AI artist Refik Anadol incited rage and rapture. Here’s how.

Michelle Grey

by Grace Sandles

The arrival of NFTs has meant a lot of things for the art world. Suddenly, a whole new generation of crypto-native artists embracing digital mediums are finding their counterparts in a new frontier of collectors and enthusiasts. Michelle Grey – co-founder of Arts-Matter and Culture Vault, a curated platform for Web3 art collecting – spoke to VAULT about her own extensive NFT collection, where it began and where it might be going.