France, literature and the War

France, literature and the War

by Remy de Gourmont

Written shortly after the outbreak of the European War

The Riddle

by Guido Bruno

A sketch by Maxim Gorky or Feodor Sologub, who knows ?

Memories : New York

by Elizabeth M. Walker

The Harbor - The Subway - Third Ave. L-Sunday

Reilly’s Wife and Mine

by Hubert James McCurrach · illustrations: Gulbransson

Arthur Schnitzler

Carlo de Fornaro

by Bernard Gallant

Among the writers who are introducing Mexico to the American reading public, the Mexico of social strife and revolutionary upheaval—the land of the struggling peon and Indian—Carlo de Fornaro occupies an important place.

Oscar Wilde

by Guido Bruno

Books and Magazines of the Week

by Alexander Harvey

Alexander Harvey's Appreciation of G. S. Viereck in his most unique weekly, "The Bang"


by Orrick Johns

Continued from last issue

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