The silky way

by Susanne Helgeson · illustrations: Anna Sigge

Silk and organza, beauty and sensualism. This spring, Pasi Välimaa’s monumental designs will be installed in Stockholm.

The future is female

by Caroline Söderholm · illustrations: Alexis Cancino

With their project Tits N Ass, design studio Butler/Lindgård have conquered the world of design and art. They have also been provocative. On their fabrics, breasts, body hair and floating spots become beautiful hand-printed patterns.


by Nils Forsberg

Fast food chains have always produced tons of waste. Today, plenty of climate-smart solutions crop up – such as coffee ground cups and packaging material made out of potato peels. But complete circularity remains a utopian dream.


by Leo Gullbring · illustrations: Leo Gullbring

Everything you need to know about Milan

House of horrors

by Leonidas Aretakis · illustrations: Patrick Miller

When Kieran Long became director at ArkDes two years ago, he inherited an institution in crisis. But is the situation any better? Leonidas Aretakis tells of a museum where daily rebukes and sudden dismissals have become part of life. Kieran Long’s explanation: “There was a lack of talent.”

The secret world of plants

by Bo Madestrand · illustrations: Karin Alfredsson

The Swedish hydropower plants are architectural expressions of the 20th century’s belief in technical progress. Form followed the curvaceous trail of the Indalsälven river.

Ticket to heaven

by Rasmus Graakjær

Copenhagen architects Norrøn design tourist destinations and rescue eroding shorelines on the basis of slow analysis. Then they let the challenges do the hard work.

Fifty shades of grey

by Hedvig Hedqvist

It’s been 100 years since the founding of Bauhaus, a jubilee that will be celebrated throughout 2019. Hedvig Hedqvist recounts the marks that the movement has left on Swedish design history.

Glass Art Society

In 2020 Sweden will host the world's greatest glass conference.

Close, but not quite

by Mark Isitt

The renovation of Röhsska unveils both gems and duds.

The Danish Museum of art & design

by Rasmus Graakjær

The Danish Museum of art & design gets a beautiful refurb

Bosse Yman

by Nils Forsberg

Jöns Ljungberg och Härjedalens rokoko

John Selbing

by Bo Madestrand

John Selbing's photos helped shoot orrefors to success

The future is here

by Rana Van Pellecom

During the furniture week in Stockholm, Ung Svensk Form opened at ArkDes, an exhibition showcasing the best of contemporary Swedish design. Form photographer Rana Van Pellecom was there.

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